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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Nightmare on School

My husband recently has taken on the challenge of finding a movie that scares me. He has not had any luck.  I have never scared easy.
Now, I realize I live out the scary everyday. Most parents celebrate when school is in session. I pray for bad weather days and breaks to be extended. If my son is at home; I do not have to worry about the school calling. Did he have a good day? Or was it bad day?
I can get things done when he is home playing on the computer. Which, is where he is the happiest.
As I am writing this I am trying to calm my anxiety which is so high that I feel like puking.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Stressful IEP

We finally got our emergency meeting. Unfortunately, I had to go by myself. As my husband could not get off.
Im sure they thought it well. I think it went so-so. They kept bringing up his absents (all excused by a doctors). They refused more testing.
 They set him up for failure without any support.Yet, they refuse to admit it. Their efforts last year were to little to late. They have already judged him from his very bad days.
I still dont feel they are equipped to handle his many special needs. Nor do they want to help him.
I was overwelmed by some of the members. Who kept saying "if he was like other students" suchand such would happen. Well, if he was like other student we would not be in this meeting. Then, I could get daytime job.
Then, I felt forced to sign the IEP. We do not qualify for any help. Just because we have private insurance.
Now, that I have had time to calm down. I feel like I was steamrolled like in those old cartoons were the character is flattened.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

No Help No Hope

Along with my son I have given up. We have searched high and low for help.There is not any help.
We do not qualify for an advocate because we have private insurance. Disability keeps turning him down. We cannot afford a lawyer.
We have been to multiple doctors and therapists. We tried every medicine known to mankind. We even tried GFCF out of desperation. Nothing has helped.

Us Vs IEP Team

School has been hell. The IEP team (sans us) keep setting our son up for failure. He is now scared to death of school. He has regressed. He has lost the little confidence he had.
They keep refusing us an IEP. They keep blaming us. But, there is not an approiate class for him.
Apparently, being in his WWTP classroom is truancy. We sent him to school knowing he did not feel well. We felt we had no choice after a parent conference (they called it an IEP). In which they told us anything was trancy even with doctor notes. Now, they are mad at us that he had a bad day.
We have contacted our state IEP and on his advice filed a complaint.
Now, we are scared. Nothing we do is good enough. Unfortunately, it is the only high school in town.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Why I will Not Watch a show about #autism

I live with autism 24/7. It does not go away after awareness month. It is here to stay. I know the smiles and laughter of autism. I know the pain and meltdowns. I know what it is like to fight the school system. I know the happy and flapping. I know the struggles and worries. I know the pity looks. I know the comments of I'm sorry when someone finds out our son has autism. I do not need to know what autism is like. I already live and breath autism everyday including holidays.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Numbers and letters are everywhere.  My son loves the multiplication cd my duaghter got for Christmas from her teacher.  He has numerous collection of letter puzzles, posters, magnets and the same for numbers.  He loves forgein languages.  Getting him to pick up his toys when done is a chore.  We already lost part of Christmas toy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Joshua is ill

Joshua is ill again. He is on antibiotic Bactrum for an ear infection. Yet, he has a small fever. Not eating. Throat seems sore. Perhaps mom is right and we should move to Arizona. Where it is warm all year. As he gets sick soon as it turns cold. Or in the spring when we have a cold snap.