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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Stressful IEP

We finally got our emergency meeting. Unfortunately, I had to go by myself. As my husband could not get off.
Im sure they thought it well. I think it went so-so. They kept bringing up his absents (all excused by a doctors). They refused more testing.
 They set him up for failure without any support.Yet, they refuse to admit it. Their efforts last year were to little to late. They have already judged him from his very bad days.
I still dont feel they are equipped to handle his many special needs. Nor do they want to help him.
I was overwelmed by some of the members. Who kept saying "if he was like other students" suchand such would happen. Well, if he was like other student we would not be in this meeting. Then, I could get daytime job.
Then, I felt forced to sign the IEP. We do not qualify for any help. Just because we have private insurance.
Now, that I have had time to calm down. I feel like I was steamrolled like in those old cartoons were the character is flattened.

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