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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Us Vs IEP Team

School has been hell. The IEP team (sans us) keep setting our son up for failure. He is now scared to death of school. He has regressed. He has lost the little confidence he had.
They keep refusing us an IEP. They keep blaming us. But, there is not an approiate class for him.
Apparently, being in his WWTP classroom is truancy. We sent him to school knowing he did not feel well. We felt we had no choice after a parent conference (they called it an IEP). In which they told us anything was trancy even with doctor notes. Now, they are mad at us that he had a bad day.
We have contacted our state IEP and on his advice filed a complaint.
Now, we are scared. Nothing we do is good enough. Unfortunately, it is the only high school in town.

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